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Automatic peeling machine


Automatic peeling machine

Automatic peeling machine of Introduction

1: high work efficiency, a potato peeling only 1 ~ 2min.
2: beautiful and elegant appearance, operation and cleaning are very convenient.
3: Replaceable abrasive belt on the inner wall.

Automatic peeling machine of Details

1.The shell of the potato peeling machine is completely made from stainless steel.
2.It is firm, wearable, and easy to clean and has good appearance.
3.The potato peeling machine is efficient and energy-saving.
4.It has wide application range and it is especially suitable for using in various star-level hotels, guesthouse, restaurant and snackbars.
5. Made of stainless steel 304 which is durable and practical with best quality.
6. applies to peel vegetables and fruits.
7. Easy to operate, easy to clean, high output with high efficiency.
8. High performance, low noise, multi-usage,time-saving.

Product Nme

potato washer

Widely used

Washing and peeling potato, sweet potato, tara, kiwi, and other foot vegetable and fruit.


Pure copper motor, rust resistant, non - magnetic, non - toxic tasteless, environmental health.