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Ice cream machine


Ice cream machine

Ice cream machine of Introduction

Soft ice cream machine / Frozen yogurt machine 6240 CE ETL Approved
Offer all the popular soft serve variations from low or non-fat ice creams to custards,yogurt and sorbet.
1.1.5l ice cream machine is automatically controlled by microcomputer, and the operation is simple, reliable and less worry
2. Ice cream can be made within 60 minutes without pre cooling
3. You can DIY all kinds of delicate ice cream, frozen juice and milkshakes
4. LCD screen display, key control and automatic temperature control 5.2 hours, long time standby and heat preservation, enjoy delicious food at any time
5. Mechanical handle discharge control, automatic temperature control
6. High torque DC motor, fast mixing speed, smooth ice cream, not easy to melt
7. All discharge structures are detachable, easy to clean and install

Ice cream machine of Details

1) Twin Twist flavor,Floor model, gravity feed, full stainless steel panel
2) Full stainless steel beater 
3) Capacity: 40Liters/Hour
4)Microprocessor controls and regulates refrigeration by measuring product 
viscosity to maintain consistent quality
5)Pre-cooling system maintains mix below 5°C during auto & standby modes.
6) Standby mode to save energy.
7)Mix-low light:The mix low light turn ON to alert operator to add mix into hopper
8)Cylinder frozen protection ,high-low voltage protection ,high current protection